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Name:Madelyne "Maddie" Pryor
Birthdate:Mar 12
Location:New York, New York, United States of America
The Reality:

Madelyne Pryor was grown from cell samples taken from Jean Grey during her regeneration period in the depths of Alkali Lake. Wary of working with the original, Mr. Sinister decided that it would be safer to work with a subject whom he could raise and influence himself. Maddie was fast-grown in a tank while receiving extensive subliminal education/conditioning. The idea was to both render her tractable and render her considerable power latent until it could be safely coaxed out.

Then the Phoenix awakened, and Jean Grey returned to the land of the living. At that very moment, Maddie’s own power broke loose and completely destroyed the complex Sinister was keeping her in.

Sinister decided to cut his losses, but was loath to destroy a good source of prime Alpha-class genetic material. After extracting a generous amount of DNA samples, he had Maddie shot up with enough Cure doses to knock the powers out of half a dozen mutants, rewrote her memory and dumped her out on the street, intending to keep an eye on her from afar.

But even he didn’t realize that the so-called Cure…wears off eventually.

The Memory:
Maddie was an orphaned Air Force test pilot whose career ended after a crash which partially robbed her of her memories and caused her to develop periodic blinding headaches. Honorably discharged, she used her small pension to set up a little hole-in-the-wall bar and grill in Greenwich Village. As time passed and mutants, neogens and assorted other superhumans started becoming public knowledge, Maddie, who thinks she is an ordinary human, decided to make a change in her business strategy. Since then, Maddie’s Bar has become one of the big semi-hush-hush hangouts for mutants and other heroes who want an informal and solidly nonjudgmental place to have a good meal or a microbrewed beer. As owner and chief brewer and bartender, Maddie is for the most part an empathetic and easy-going person who has a lot of sympathy for those who have trouble fitting into society, and/or feel called to defend the innocent. This is New York; Maggie figures that with supervillains, a not-exactly-trustworthy government and occasional really bizarre random disasters going on on top of the usual nasty crime rate, hero-types need and deserve all the support they can get.

But Maddie’s not entirely happy with being “grounded” in a back-of-the-alley hangout, popular as it’s become. Sometimes, between pouring drinks, checking mashes and breaking up bar-fights, she misses the sky.

The Person:
Maddie is about what you’d expect from a woman who thinks she grew up around soldiers and jets: she’s got a lot of self-discipline, she’s very down-to-earth, and she does her best to keep fit and have a weapon handy. She’s friendly, frank, a good listener, a bit earthy, and somewhat bad-tempered, though she controls it fairly well nowadays. She is very strong-willed, to the point of stubbornness, but avoids contentiousness-for-its-own-sake. Brave and idealistic, she’s somewhat of a workaholic, who sometimes isn’t entirely content with her strictly “support” role in the local superhero community.

She believes herself to be human. Thanks to both Cure and conditioning, chances are that her powers will not surface at all unless she is under truly extreme amounts of stress…or dying.

The Place:
Maddie’s Bar is at the far end of an alleyway in Greenwich Village, down a set of stairs (think Cheers), with two stories of “apartment building” above it. Maddie lives in the penthouse suite with her dogs, and keeps a rooftop garden. The rest of the apartments she tends to rent out to those who would have trouble getting an apartment…because they’re green, or twice normal size, or half-machine, or what have you. It’s a pretty tight-knit community; Maddie can confidently rely on her tenants and/or regulars to back her if some superhuman decides to play nasty in her bar.

The bar itself is moderately large, basement-level, and soundproofed; the lighting is somewhat low but not dive-bar-level, and she keeps it clean and fairly well ordered. It has all the usual standbys: a pool table, a dartboard, a jukebox and most of the commercial drink brands you’d expect—plus a number of beers that Maddie brews herself. The menu has a lot of hearty, simple bar-food fare; the pot pies are particularly good. Across the alley from the bar is a large vacant lot; those who insist on fighting on or near the premises are hastily directed to it, and thus there’s cracked concrete, scorch marks and an old junker car someone bent double.

Rules are simple. No bigotry allowed, whether it be “mutie”, “flatscan” or what have you. If you break it (with powers or otherwise), you are expected to pay for or replace it. Tabs last up to one week for newcomers, a month for regulars. Keep the fan-squeeing over heroes down to a dull roar unless they’re into it. Patrons sixteen and up are allowed, but she’ll card anyone who comes up for a drink and can be downright mean if you betray her trust by handing the booze you just bought off to a minor. The bar is neutral territory; even if your worst enemy walks in, you do not start a fight or otherwise cause trouble on the premises.

The OOC: This is a version of Madelyne Pryor intended to “fit in” with the Marvel Movieverse. Should her powers manifest, depending on the circumstances, I intend to have her follow the Anodyne persona more than the Goblin Queen, providing a more healing/protective counterpart to the Phoenix’s destructive power. Her PB is Famke Janssen (of course); she looks like Jean’s long-lost, rough-edged twin sister.

And no, I’m not Maddie, I don’t own Maddie and all of that; I’m just a gamer-geek borrowing her. :) Maddie is in her thirties, and so am I.

Interests (21):

amnesia, barkeeping, beer, brewing, clue bats, damn good potpies, darts, dogs, human-superhero alliances, idealism, jets, magic, martial arts, mutant rights, mutants, neogens, pool, psychics, shotguns, superhuman rights, superhumans
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